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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Psychic Mark Star "Dr. Midnight" Welcomes You.

Typical Reading Schedule

  • 4:30 - 8:30pm Pacific
  • 5:30 - 9:30pm Mountain
  • 6:30 - 10:30pm Central
  • 7:30 - 11:30pm Eastern

Additional Availability by Appointment

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If not available, I am on another call & logged off until it's finished. Check back in 20 mins. Also on additional times as permitted. Advance appointments can be arranged at


Accurate readings on Love & Romance, Money & Finance, Job & Career, and more. Clear, clean, concise predictions without lies or gimmicks. Gifted, genuine psychic clairvoyant who wants to help you be successful in life! Call now for an authentic, live reading! Email about spell-work. Questions answered include activities of lovers, their thoughts, desires and pursuits. When will I meet someone? Will my lover return? Are they seeing someone? Is my lover cheating? What are they thinking?   

Hoodoo love spells cast to Return Lover, Break-up Wrong Couple, Get a Marriage Proposal, Law & Judgment Favor, Better Health, Lose Weight, Ultimate Attraction, Money Luck, Better Job, Career Advancement and many more.

Clients world-wide include celebrities, actors & actresses, models, public servants, doctors & surgeons, attorneys, teachers, accountants, military, famous business professionals, students, housewives, professionals, alternative lifestyle, from all walks of life. Everyone accepted, appreciated, and welcome. Am a professional psychic and spiritual worker. You get 100% focus and attention in your reading. Am a degreed, tested, experienced professional. Check out references in Guestbook. See venues and specials below.


PayPal  Schedule Appointments for a Callback  from $2.59/min. Select drop-down menu package. Email your unblocked telephone number & callback time frames. I respond same day.

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BillPerCall  1-800-685-7914 ext 26136 $2.99/min. Pay as you go.

HelpByPhone  1-800-373-1093 ext 26137 $2.99/min. Pre-pay. 
First 3 minutes free for new customers.
KEEN   1-800-275-5336 ext. 03515446 $4.99/min. Advisor
Arrange appointment on Keen for call anytime -or- I am openly available 7 evenings for chat. 

Special promotions by KEEN for new customers.
ingenio 1-800-275-5336 ext. 03515446 $4.99/min. 
Arrange appointment on ingenio for call anytime -or- I am available 7 evenings for chat. 
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kasamba The best site for psychic chat readings. $4.99/min. Only $3.99/min. thru December 31st.

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